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At least six killed, 100 injured in nightclub stampede in central Italy

Rescuers work outside of a nightclub near the city of Ancona, Italy, on Dec. 8, 2018. At least six people were killed and more than 100 others injured on Saturday in a stampede during a concert in central Italy, local media reported. The stampede erupted early Saturday at a nightclub near the city of Ancona on Italy‘s Adriatic coast after irritating gas was sprayed inside it and concertgoers ran to the exit. (Xinhua)

ROME, Dec. 8 (Xinhua) — At least six people were killed and 100 others injured in a stampede overnight at a nightclub in central Italy, local media and authorities said Saturday.

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The victims were five minors — three girls and two boys — and one woman who had driven her daughter to the disco “Lanterna Azzurra” in the small town of Corinaldo near Ancona, about 200 km northeast of Rome.

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The nightclub was due to host a rapper’s concert last night.

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The victims were killed after a stampede of panicked teenagers caused the collapse of a rampart just outside the facility, according to authorities.

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“The parapets outside the exit gate have collapsed, the people there fell and were crushed by the crowd,” Ancona police chief Oreste Capocasa told state TV channel Rai News 24 TV channel

A video circulating on social media showed a large throng of mostly young people crowding a narrow passage, just at the outside of the nightclub. Suddenly, one portion of the low railing or wall near the exit appeared to give way, and the teenagers tumbled over it, falling on top of each other

At least 100 people were injured in the incident and 14 of them were in serious condition, an officer with the local firefighters told Sky Tg24 news channel

The deadly stampede in the disco may have been caused by the use of an irritant, according to authorities.

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