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Digicel introduces LTE to customers

Rocio Higuera
Digicel introduces LTE to customers

Digicel has made a great leap with its upgrades by introducing its LTE network to the country.

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Dominicans can look forward to a significantly improved network soon from Digicel as a total telecommunications and entertainment provider

The network upgrades are almost complete and very soon Dominicans will have access to a brand new super-fast network that meets global standards. This means faster internet speeds, wider coverage, better bandwidth and greater network reliability.

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Chief Executive Officer at Digicel Dominica, Nikima Royer Jno Baptiste said, “we are always giving our customers what they want and what they want is super-fast LTE network speeds. We have been working to ensure the upgrades will enable them to enjoy more of what they love most, offering them the best quality and experience possible. We are grateful to our customers for their patience during the network upgrades and we promise that the experience will be second to none.”

With every SIM upgrade at any Digicel store, customers will walk away with 5GB of data for free and will be automatically entered for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone.

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The CEO further remarked, “It only takes three simple steps to be LTE-ready: upgrade your SIM for free, upgrade your device to an LTE-compatible one and turn on the LTE settings on those devices. We’re very close now and we want all Dominicans to be ready to enjoy the benefits of the new Digicel network.”

Digicel will be sharing the LTE experience with its customers on January 17th at the Stadium Forecourt with a big concert including: Triple Kay; Starsha; First Serenade Band; well-renowned local DJs; and the Digicel Robot. All Dominicans are invited to get lit with LTE and join the party. Entry is free, the only thing required to enter is to be on the Digicel network.

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